About Us

Debt Lifeline is a national company which is based in most major South African cities.
We provide our clients with professional service and pride ourselves on guiding our clients through every step of the debt counselling process. We have two registered debt counsellors with more than 15 years experience, and a team of professional consultants to assist clients all over the country with questions, queries and support through the process. As the leading debt counselling company we have helped thousands of South Africans become debt free.

The debt counselling industry has grown considerably over the past 10 years, because of changing circumstances, retrenchment, reduced overtime, divorce etc. while the number of registered Debt Counsellors has decreased over the years. This is because of the amount of work involved in the debt counselling process.

We are a fast growing company with committed staff who have been appointed to form close relationships with our clients. We understand that the high interest rates and increase in living costs can put a lot of pressure on consumers. We are here to Help!

Our Services

Credit Check

We will help you discover the condition of your credit worthiness.

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Debt Assessment

Our consultants are professionally trained to be able to do an assessment.

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Restructed Accounts

Credit agreements can be rearranged to assist you in your repayments plan.

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Debt Consolidation

All accounts will be consolidated into once easy to manage installment.

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The Value of

Living Debt-Free

It can be revolutionary to think about living debt free. A life without payments is very different from one with payments. Debt free living means saving up for things. It means making sacrifices and resisting impulse purchases. It means limiting the amount of money you waste each month. We can help you get out of the snare of debt.

Stay committed in your decisions but flexible in your approach

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